I was a healthy 32-year old man. I exercised regularly. I didn’t drink soda or caffeine and I don’t
consume any alcohol. But I had a back issue. This back issue had been debilitating for me. It
wreaked havoc on me every single time it flared up. From sciatic pain to not being able to sit,
run, or workout. I would feel so frustrated and stuck. I felt like I took good care of my body but I
was struggling. I was searching for answers and was ready to get some x-rays done and meet
with a back specialist to look at a brace or even surgery.

I had taken CBD orally off and on for the past year without much consistency and my back
would flare up. Over the past 6 weeks I have chosen to take CBD every single day. Throughout
that time period my back has felt the best it has in a year. There are times that I feel it flair in a
minor way – but then the pain and tightness is gone. So how does CBD have this effect?
CBD contains cannabinoids which interact with our bodies endocannabinoid system. This
system is one of the major body systems that regulates our bodies. This system helps the body
maintain homeostasis. This system reduces inflammation, stabilizes emotions including anxiety,
and helps the body to function properly.
I love my CBD oil. Every single day as I take it I feel grateful that I found this solution. Because of
my back feeling reliable I have been able to exercise 6 days a week and my body has never felt

Keep Go(at)ing


Hello All!! My name is Gib. Gib the Goat. I am the star of the Green Goat show. I love getting my hooves on CBD.

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