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We thought we would round up a short list of Hemp, CBD, and CBD oil facts as we’ve found there are many misconceptions.

Ready, GO!:

  1. CBD oil IS good for you. 
  2. CBD oil is NOT illegal. 
  3. CBD oil will NOT make you high. 
  4. CBD oil comes from the hemp plant. 
  5. The hemp plant is a part of the cannabis plant family. Yes, that is the same family that marijuana comes from. There are stark differences in marijuana and hemp plants. Not only in how they look but also in the chemical make up. 
  6. There are many types of cannabinoids in both marijuana and hemp plants. 
  7. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that are produced by many plants NOT in the cannabis plant family. 
  8. Our own bodies produce cannabinoids. 
  9. The two cannabinoids that have been researched the most are THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). 
  10. Cannabidiol can help relieve pain, may help with anxiety and depression, may reduce acne, could benefit your heart, along with other benefits. 
  11. THC is what produces the “high” in marijuana. 
  12. Hemp and marijuana plants both contain these cannabinoids. 
  13. Hemp contains a higher concentrate of CBD and a lower concentrate of THC (less than .3%). 
  14. Marijuana contains a lower concentrate of CBD and a higher concentrate of THC. 
  15. The CBD oil that we sell has been tested and shows NO traces of THC. 

We believe in CBD oil and have seen the amazing effects in our own lives and customers’ lives.

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If you have any questions reach out to us!

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