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Pets & CBD

Pets & CBD

We like to think that everyone has a furry friend that they are attached to. If you don’t – you should look into it! Let us introduce you to Remi. She is a 8-year-old chocolate lab that one of the founders of Green Goat ‘Dotes, Stephen rescued from the pound a year ago. She has brought their family lots of joy and fun. 

As the winter months came the family saw Remi not feel as good. She would limp around often, and they could tell she didn’t feel good. The family thought that she had arthritis. She wanted to be inside by the fire. At this same time Green Goat ‘Dotes had been created and Stephen was discovering the wide-ranging benefits of CBD and how all vertebrae animals have an endocannabinoid system (the major body system that interacts with CBD). Stephen decided to start giving Remi some CBD oil in her food. The difference was amazing. Remi lost her limp, became more content, and even acted like a puppy again. As a company we then decided to invest in dog treats and CBD oil specifically for pets. 

The science behind CBD oil and the endocannabinoid system is this: CBD oil contains cannabinoids and our own body has cannabinoids. Our body has CB1 and CB2 receptors. The cannabinoids in CBD don’t connect directly to the receptors in our body but they interact with these receptors that causes them to change or morph. These morphed receptors then become easier for the body’s natural cannabinoids to connect. When this natural body process occurs the body naturally regulates things in our body like inflammation, depression, anxiety, and pain. Again, this process works for humans and for any vertebrae animal! 

The amount of CBD required for pets depends on the weight of the animal. We initially recommend 1 MG of CBD per 10 pounds of weight. If it doesn’t give relief, then add a little more until you see it make a difference. Just like us, all pets bodies have different needs! 

Our purpose is to create vibrant lives for everyone!, including our furry friends!  

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