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As I near the big ‘50’-living a fun, but rowdy life, I’ve come to realize that there’s something other than modern medicine that works. Green Goat ‘Dotes seems to target a wide range of symptoms that were surprisingly evident to me within just a few days! I can best describe what this has done for me with one word - balance.

Cody S. - 34

I love this oil. I struggle with joint pain every day. I learned to just live with it because I got tired of taking ibuprofen and the stomach problems it would cause. But some days the pain and stiffness would stop me from doing certain activities. I tried a couple of different oils, so it was not a new concept for me. But I had not found one that worked as well as I would like, so I would just stop using it. I am excited about Green Goat Dotes because the first time I used it I felt a difference sooner and it lasted longer for me. I look forward to the long term changes I will get for other health issues.

Darla W. - 52

I'm fairly skeptical when it comes to most products with such rave reviews, especially products that suggest the use for sooo many different health concerns. However, I am pleasantly surprised (big time) with my experience with Green Goat 'Dotes CBD oil.

I get really bad migraine headaches, from low blood sugar, that pain medications won't touch. When these migraines come on, I have to cancel all of my plans and go to bed because the pain is too intense to function, and I just hope that the migraine is gone when I wake up.

This CBD oil reduces my unmanageable pain to only a very very mild discomfort. I honestly can't believe that it works so well, and it's a natural remedy...I am shooketh ????.

Long story, not short, I highly recommend this Green Goat CBD oil (750 mg) for anyone struggling with pain of any sort.

Amber C. - 32

We have found much relief from this product. For example, the past two days my daughter has had a headache. We were away from home so she took some Excedrine. No relief. This morning she took one dropper of Green Goat CBD oil and it completely took her headache away. We use it sublingually and topically. Great stuff!

Christina H. - 39

I wake up every morning having trouble straightening my back and even have neck pain that goes up to my ear like I have an ear ache. In no time after I take the oil, my back eases up and I can straighten up with no pain. Even the ear ache goes away. I also have an ache in my leg that is improving more and more. I’ve also noticed I have more energy since I’ve been taking this oil. Will continue to purchase!

Betty W. - 68

I have problems with chronic headaches and TMJ. Over the counter medicine never seems to work. I took this cbd oil and within 15 minutes it was gone! Not only that but since I have taken it my headaches are less frequent and less intense!

Brianne S. - 32

I was in a four wheeling accident when I was younger and have had shoulder and back pain ever since.  I took this cbd oil feeling very skeptical and within ten minutes my shoulder pain was completely gone, and my back pain was gone another ten minutes later. I felt like a new person at work. 

Gavin H. - 36

I’ve suffered from headaches my whole life and I’ve consumed way too much Advil. My friend told me about this cbd oil, so I tried it and I went two full weeks without a single headache with the sample I had. I’m sold, it works!

Nichole H. - 32

Recently I was suffering with pain in both knees which was enough to interfere with normal walking. I tried Green Goat 'Dotes CBD oil by simply topically rubbing some on only my right knee. Within about 30 minutes there was noticeable pain reduction!  I’m excited to continue using Green Goat 'Dotes CBD oil to help manage my knee pain.

Jolene P. - 58

I have bought 3 bottles all ready. One stays in my purse, one on my night stand. I’m in love with this product. I feel the benefits every day. To a headache, to stress, to my joints, and to just have a better night sleeping. Green Goats is a benefit to my health.

Pamela W. - 57

I just love these oils, I have tried others they were Ok but when I found Green Goat Dotes, I’m sold. When I get up in the morning my back hurts to the point where I cannot stand straight, the first thing I do in the morning now is take my oils and by the time I’m through getting ready I’m not bent over with pain. I also suffer with anxiety, can I just say I take a few drops at night and find I fall asleep faster but sleep better all night. I am going to be 70 this year so if you don’t think it’s a big deal your crazy, at my age I’m not ready to give in to the old age pains. I really have good days, I feel so much better all day. I just am so excited and to think that it’s just going to get better as I take them. Thanks Green Goat Dotes.

Betty Web. - 68

I’ve always had issues with anxiety, I’ve noticed a drastic change in mood while taking green goat dotes. I also like to take it before i go to sleep, it helps me relax and go to bed quicker. I’ll also use it when i feel a head ache coming on. I’ve tried other CBD oils and this one has worked the best and fastest then any other brand I’ve tried.

Brianna W. - 33