Hello All!!

My name is Gib. Gib the Goat. I am the star of the Green Goat show. I love getting my
hooves on CBD. The word on the farm is that it can heal anything. I don’t think I can state that (at least according to the lawyers, rule-makers, and FDA) but let me tell you, this stuff is fantastic.

My love for CBD is based around the benefits of what it can bring to you and your lifestyle. CBD is not used to get high, unless you are looking to get high on your beautiful life that you created! These are questions that I hear about CBD:

  • Will I fail a drug test by taking Green Goat CBD?
    o DEFINITELY NOT!!! Our CBD is broad spectrum, which means all things THC are
    removed from the Hemp plant as the oil is produced.
  • Will I get addicted?
    o You will get addicted to how good you feel 10000%! But you cannot get addicted
    to the CBD.
  • What if I don’t like the products I ordered?
    o I care about you. I want you to be taken care of and be happy with what you get!
    We offer a 15-day money back guarantee! You have a problem? HMU!!
  • Do goats really faint when they get scared?
    o Yes, yes, I do. So, keep your spooks to yourself.
  • Why is CBD so great?
    o Here is where I am an expert! CBD is made up of cannabinoids. These
    cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system (one of the major body
    systems)! Why have you not heard of this system? It was not found until the
    1990’s. This system helps create homeostasis within the human body.
    Cannabinoids interact with this system and help it to function properly!
    You will get to know me better as time goes on! But I am so grateful to have met you here.

Here is to Goats! Here is to Green Goat! And here is to CBD!!