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It’s the dreaded flu and sickness season, so let’s talk about one incredible way to boost your immune system.


CBD oil is the G.O.A.T. remedy (for everything 😉 in our book, but here is why we specifically recommend CBD oil to help fight the yucky sickness bugs that are going around. 

We’ve already discussed how CBD oil works and affects the body, if you’re interested in the science of CBD in the body you can READ HERE.

When someone takes CBD oil, the CBD binds to the receptors in the immune system cells and tells the immune cells to get to work and do more immune system things like mobilizing defense cells, producing protective enzymes, and telling the immune cells to up their game in finding the enemies in the body. 

CBD also helps balance and regulate hormones and enzymes. The secondary cause and effect on the immune system is those hormones and enzymes that were up-regulated, then begin the process of apoptosis. Apoptosis is when marker molecules appear on the surface of a cell as the cell ages. Enough of these marker molecules, and the immune cells are told to go find the old cells covered in marker molecules, absorb the old cells, and redistribute it to younger, healthier cells. This process is called immunomigration. CBD increases the rate at which these marker molecules show up on old cells, which means the body is turning over new healthy cells more rapidly. 

With CBD jumpstarting apoptosis and immunomigration, the body actually attacks infection and disease with up to 25 times the strength. So instead of masking the symptoms of sick season, you are helping your body get healthier, stronger, and more efficient at fighting off the nasty bugs we’re all exposed to!

All of these benefits with a few drops of oil under your tongue twice a day! 

Worth it?

Wooooorth IT!


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