Creating Calm, One Life At A Time.

Rachel & Stephen

The story of Green Goat started back in 1990 when we met at 3 years old in Rigby, Idaho known for the birthplace of television. Who knows if we were actually friends then? But we were in the same church class, wiping boogers on each other and tryin’ to steal each others’ toys and snacks. (the good ol’ days)


We went to the same school but were never in the same class until 5th grade – bless you Mrs. Allen! Stephen loved sports and was always awkward with girls. Rachael was a dancer and always full of laughs. We actually went to dances together and would hang out sporadically throughout high school. (When Rach was feeling charitable toward Stephen.)


Following high school graduation, Rachael went to Alaska and Stephen left for England. We each got married (not to each other), earned a combined three college degrees, and 3 children each. 10 years later we reconnected when Rachael met Stephen’s wife, Amy, on a haunted house excursion in central Idaho to the Haunted Mansions of Albion. It was scary as hell!

Rachael started coming to Stephen’s house to hang out with Amy. In September 2018 Rachael was over waiting on Amy to get ready (it is a constant issue here) and said she wanted to start a CBD company. Stephen jumped on board, and with our quirky personalities and insane love for animals, Green Goat was born. We searched far and wide to find the right CBD oil and products that represented what is important to us, including integrity, transparency, and quality, and we were off to the races.

We have experienced the magic from these G.O.A.T. products, and we want you to experience it too!

Our products are broad spectrum

this means the CBD comes from a whole plant extract, which means FASTER, BETTER, and LONGER LASTING relief for YOU!

We are certified with the NSF

and we are the first USDA certified organic broad spectrum oil.

Our products don’t use unnecessary additives or fillers and contain no THC.

to provide a natural solution for: sleep, depression, anxiety, inflammation, digestion, and overall well being.

Our CBD oil products are shipped anywhere in the domestic lower 48 states

We manufacture our products with the #1 broad spectrum company in the United States.

and Green Goat CBD oil is tested by two, third party labs for safety and quality.

We have partnered with the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the U.S. This partner makes the raw hemp compounds that Green Goat uses in its products.