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About Us

Here at Green Goat ‘Dotes we believe in improving lives through quality natural products. 

We offer CBD oil and other products that are derived from specially bred industrial hemp plants.

Our G.O.A.T. CBD oil works!

We have experienced its magic, and we want you to experience it too! 

Our oil comes from a whole plant extract, 

which means FASTER, BETTER, and LONGER LASTING relief for YOU!  

Our G.O.A.T. CBD oil provides a natural solution for:  

sleep, depression/anxiety, inflammation,  digestion, and overall well being. 

Green Goat ‘Dotes oil is tested by two third party labs for safety and quality.

We don’t use unnecessary additives or fillers.

Our full-spectrum CBD products are shipped anywhere in the domestic lower 48 states and contain no THC.